Do you want the most affordable
storage solution in Perth?

How are your goods stored at the
moment? Are they in a clean, well venti-
lated, cool and secure location?

Our storage units were designed specifi-
cally for you. So you have the peace of
mind that your goods are not only safe,
but well kept.

Atwell, 6164

Safe & Affordable Storage Solutions in Atwell, 6164.

Need a Fridge Trolley? No worries, we’ll throw that into the hire for free!

Need a Fridge Trolley? No worries, we’ll throw that into the hire for free!

Best DIY Truck prices in Perth.

This is the largest size truck you can drive on an ordinary licence. All trucks are automatic, and come with a fridge trolley and straps. All trucks have a hydraulic lift on the back to make the job much easier!

Prices: FROM $95/DAY no hidden costs!!! Many companies have a “from” price, but then there are extra hidden fees. Not with us. Everything is upfront and known before you start.

Lenko are the moving and storage solution company in Atwell, 6164.

Storage Spaces in a Variety of Sizes

Lenko provide a variety of self storage units from7 cubic metres up to 40 cubic metres. The starting price for the 7m3 is $3 per day. We provide quality storage solutions with stable temperatures unlike others who use old shipping containers that could damage your furniture and possessions.

All units areas are well marked and easy to access with room for transport to manouvre inside the security complex.

Truck Rentals and Hire Costing $95 Per Day

If you have ever had to use a ute or a trailer to move a whole house then you probably started at 7am and went to bed at 2am the following morning exhausted and sore from the move. Whatever you saved yourself in truck hire you cost yourself in petrol and more importantly time.  With our trucks you have a huge amount of room height, width and depth compared to a trailer and you have an easy backlift on the back of the truck to save your back and speed up the move. Most houses can be moved in 2 trips and with the ease of unload, you are certainly more likely to get willing volunteers

Packaging Solutions

We stock a range of packaging solutions including storage and packing boxes in convenient sizes that are easily stackable, tape and mattress and furniture protectors. Call us on (08) 9498 1777 or pop into our office to find out more.

After Hours Access to Your Storage Items

The really convenient part of our units is that you can access your property 24 hours per day in our secure complex with a Live-in caretaker, camera surveillance and guard dogs. Our facility is manned!

Need a Calculator

Sometimes it can be difficult to work out the size you need to store your belongings.  We make that easy with our calculator. You can add in all your items and get an accurate idea. Click the storage calculator page.

So if you are in Atwell, 6164 and want the best prices and a secure and safe environment to store your personal items call Lenko (08) 9498 1777  and deal with an experienced and trusted name.

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